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Our Most Popular Packaged Solutions

Batch Scanning with Barcode Separation
Split the batch into multiple PDFs by detecting barcodes. More details.

Network Scanner Service Pro
Monitor network folders for new files created using MFPs or network scanners, rename them and move them to a user defined folder. More details.

Kryptig Scanning Solutions
Designed for scanning medical records directly into the indexing area of Docutrak. More details.

How is ScanToPDF Helping Infinity Films in Canada ?

"Infinity Films is a producer of content for both film and television.  Our productions have been sold in over 40 countries worldwide.  We work in an international environment and our business is done over Skype and telephone.  Scanning documents is so important to us.  Often we are in a rush.  ScantoPDF works flawlessly every time with all our various printers.  It has become an essential business tool for making films and television. It's a great product."


ScanToPDF Scanning Tips

Scanning Process is Too Slow

The most likely reason why it takes a long time to scan a page is that when you press scan your scanner is configured to create a high resolution (i.e. a high quality) image. To check this, in the ScanToPDF > Edit menu click the 'Show Scanner or Capture Device UI option' and when you click scan you will now see your scanner settings. Set the resolution or dpi to around 150 and then scan. Is it faster? If yes then find the level of resolution/dpi that gives you an acceptable result. Note that your scanner may not remember or save your preferred setting. If you want it to remember - then have a look at our Twain plug-in which should do the job for you.

Scan To PDF

Scan To PDF is a software product that converts scanned documents and image files into PDFs.

Processing Digitized Files

Designed to monitor a single or multiple network folders for documents produced by network scanners or multi function peripherals (MFP).

The naming of the PDF and the determination of the destination folder can be based on barcode recognition, incremental numbers, date/time stamp, the source folder and image filename or any combination of the above.

With the addition of the 'Run as Service' plugin the process can be configured to run completely unattended.

We also offer an OCR version of this package that creates fully text searchable PDF files that can be imported and indexed within your document management system.

For further details and to download a free evaluation copy please click on one of the links below:

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Scanning Multiple Documents in a Single Batch and Creating Multiple PDFs

This is a solution for scanning multiple documents in a single batch and creating mulitiple PDFs.

Knowing when one document ends and the next begins is controlled by various methods including:
  • a fixed page count
  • a new barcode value
  • a blank or black page
  • a pre-printed 'NEWDOC' barcode page.

More details

With the addition of the OCR and Data Gatherer plugins separation can also be based on a change in a variable's value such as invoice number, contract number, etc.

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Custom Solutions built using Plug-ins

Plug-ins can be added to the core product or to our packaged solutions to provide additional functionality.

A full list of our plug-ins is shown on this page but some of our most popular plug-ins are:
  • Document Indexing - a user defined data entry window is displayed. Data entered can be used to form the PDF filepath, used as metadata, exported to a csv file, passed as variables to external routines, etc.

  • .NET Dynacode - passes full control to a external program for database updates, initialize work flow processes, FTP uploads, etc.

  • Document Profile Selector - process different types of documents using different settings for each one.

  • Automatic Document Recognition - automatically detects document type and sets the appropriate document profile

More details 

If you need any assistance with building your solution then please feel free to contact us

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Pre-Sales, Implementation and Post Sales Support

We are here to help during all periods of your evaluation of the system. If you purchase a solution we can offer you a support package - OiC Remote Assurance - which ensures you stay up to date with all product upgrades and receive priority technical support if you should ever need it.

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