Here are just a sample of the Educational institutions across the globe that use ScanToPDF every day to scan 10's of 1000's of pages because they trust our reliability and appreciate our simple to learn, intuitive software.

Akademia Medyczna - Poland
Arizona State University - USA
Art Institute of Chicago - USA
Berklee College of Music - USA
California Institute of Technology - USA
Cambridge University - UK
Duke University, Durham, NC - USA
Eaton House Schools - UK
Electrical Industry Training Centre - Hong Kong
European University Institute - Italy
Florida Atlantic University - USA
Gilmer Independent School District - USA
Ghent University - Belgium
Guilford Technicial Community College, NC - USA
Harper Adams University - UK
Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory - USA
London School Of Economics (L.S.E), London - UK
Mississippi State University, College of Veterinary Medicine - USA
Oklahoma State University - USA
Oregon State Education - USA
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute - AUS

Robert Morris University - USA
Sikkim University - India
St Philip's Christian College, NSW - AUS
United States Naval Academy Education Unit - USA
Universidad Nacional del Comahue - AR
Università degli studi di Bari - IT
Universitätsbibliothek Wuppertal - Germany
University of California - USA
University of Copenhagen, Forensic Science - Denmark
University of Florida - USA
University of Georgia - Georgia
University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine - USA
University of Illinois - USA
Universitair Medisch Centrum St Radboud - Netherlands
University of Genoa - Italy
University of Turin - Italy
Universidad Nacional De La Plata - Argentina
University Of Washington - Department of Medicine - USA
Westermann - Germany
Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory - USA
Virginia Tech - USA