Updates & Upgrades

What's The Difference Between Updates & Upgrades

All the software we produce has a version number. The version number is displayed on the Help>>About ScanToPDF window of the software - Show me

What is an Upgrade?

Suppose the version number is - The first number is the MAJOR version (5 in this case) and when this changes it means we have made major changes to the software.
This would be an UPGRADE.

What is an update?
The other parts of the version number (0.0.21 in this case) will change when MINOR changes are made to the software, such as small improvements and defect fixes (which the software industry call bugs).
This would be an UPDATE.


Benefits of upgrading & using the latest version

✔ The latest version is faster and has more features than previous versions
✔ The latest version makes full use of the advances in the latest operating systems.
✔ The latest version is constantly being improved, including adding customer requested features - Learn more

Upgrading Your Software

When an upgrade is released customers that have purchase OiC Remote Assurance will be entitled to the upgrade FREE of charge. Customers who do not have OiC Remote Assurance will need to pay an upgrade fee to use the upgraded version (SEE BELOW).

This document has instructions for performing a software upgrade from version 4 to version 5.

Complete our upgrade form to request advice about upgrading from any other version to version 5

Upgrade Fees

Upgrade from the previous major version to the latest version, for example version 4 to version 5 - 20% discount off the current retail price

Upgrade from ANY OTHER previous major version to the latest version, for example version 3 to version 5 - 5% discount off the current retail price
Upgrade Basic Edition to Standard Edition (within the same version) - We will provide discount equivalent to the current retail price of the Basic Edition off the purchase of a Standard Edition key

Complete our upgrade form for a coupon code to use on our web site checkout page

Updating Your Software

Prior to version  - To update your software just run the install into the folder where the software is already installed.

Version and later - Start the ScanToPDF software and click on the Help menu and choose Check for updates... and follow the prompts.

Details of the latest version and updates to the latest version are available from
this page.

Update Fees

ALL updates are FREE of charge to ALL customers.