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( Latest incremental update 27 Jul 2017 . Version 5 was released in April 2016 )
** General improvements and fixes **

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Installing ScanToPDF Software

The download contains ScanToPDF and all the plugin modules. Use the primary or mirror server download links to download the software. Once downloaded run the program taking the default options to install ScanToPDF.

Installing ScanToPDF Solutions

For solution evaluations, once the ScanToPDF software is installed follow the "Configuring Solution Settings" available on this page.

Installing ScanToPDF Plugins

Once the ScanToPDF software is installed, instructions for adding plugins are available on this page

Un-Installing / Re-Installing ScanToPDF

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End User License Agreement (EULA)

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Technical Requirements

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View the release notes

The release notes provide details about what fixes, improvements and new features we have added to our version 5 software. We're constantly updating our software so please check the release notes to find out what's new.


Configure With Sample Settings

Use this link for instructions to configure sample settings for many of our most popular solutions.


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Getting started, detailed plugin information, setup guides and lots more....

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Download version 4

Please use this to download version 4 software.