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The current version is
(version 5 was released in April 2016 ; last incremental update was in October 2016)

Version 4 software can be downloaded from this page

Installing Core Products (Basic & Standard Edition)

Use the download links below to download the software. Once downloaded run the program taking the default options to install ScanToPDF.

Installing ScanToPDF Solutions

For solution evaluations, once the ScanToPDF software is installed follow the "Importing Solution Settings" section below.

Primary Download Server

Secondary Server

Release Notes

Importing Solution Settings

  • Download one of the ZIP files below containing pre-configured settings for the solution you want to evaluate
  • Start ScanToPDF
  • On the menu bar click "Edit" then choose "Options", or use toolbar "Gear" ICON
  • Click the "Settings" ICON
  • Click the "Import" button and select the settings file downloaded earlier
  • Answer "Yes" to overwrite the current settings
  • Restart ScanToPDF to apply the settings

Run As A Service

To install the software to run as a service simply add the command line switch /SERVICE when you run the installation executable (using a desktop short-cut or a simple batch file) so that the executable is run as shown below.

scantopdfsetup.exe /SERVICE


Once you have imported the settings our Quick Start Guides page has detailed instructions for amending the settings to suit your own particular requirements