Adding & Removing ScanToPDF Plugins

The software for all plugin modules is contained in the single download available from our downloads page. This page provides instructions to add plugins to the installation once ScanToPDF has already been installed.

Adding Plugins

Start ScanToPDF
Click the "Edit" menu and choose "Options" (or use the Options ICON on the toolbar)
Click the "Plugins" BUTTON
The box below will be populated with ICONS for every plugin (those already installed will have a ticked check box).
Locate the plugin and click the checkbox of the ICON of the plugin so it's checked. This will install it into the current configuration
Click the "Restart" BUTTON to restart ScanToPDF

The current configuration will have the new plugin(s) added to it
  • add1
  • add2
  • add3
  • de-add1
  • de-add2
  • de-add3