Version 5 Release Notes

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by George Harrison | Jul 14, 2020
Release notes for ScanToPDF version 5.
Release date : 14th July 2020
PDF Import v1.0.4.8 - Content preservation options extended to include with or without annotations

Release date : 4th March 2020
new (extended) Ternary syntax

Ternary(condition1, value1, [condition2], [value2], ..., [elseValue])

each condition is tested sequentially

Release date : 19th December 2019
OCR Recognition v5.0.0.10 - fix issue with embedded double text tokens


Release date : 28th November 2019
FIX - v5.1.2.11 AutoFileImport fix a problem with some scanners where files would be imported before the file was completely finalised by the scanner
FIX - Fixed a problem with the ScanToPDF executables not being digitally signed correctly

Release date : 17th October 2019
FIX - OCR plugin version problem with placing of OCR result inside PDF

Release date : 1st October 2019
Fixed displaying settings zip file name on settings export error message and unexpected errors when exporting settings
FIX - Fixed a problem with large temporary files when importing colour images from a folder


Release date : 16th July 2019
IMPROVEMENT - PDF Import v1.0.4.7 (Engine v5.0.2.3) now includes error handling for managing missing font data in some PDF files

Release date : 17th June 2019
FIX - Document Indexing v1.0.2.3 Fixed bug where save is not cancelled on missing mandatory field

Release date : 12th March 2019
Fixed a bug with auto file import with PDF file import not being limited by the max file parameter


Release date : 18th February 2019
PDF Import v1.0.4.6 Fixed bug with import of some PDF files

Release date : 17th January 2019
FIX - PDF Import v1.0.4.5 Fixed bug with image rendering + Advance rendering flag added

Release date : 16th January 2019
PDF Import v1.0.4.4 Fixed a bug with source images with 180 orientation not rotating correctly

Release date : 8th January 2019
FIX - Fixed bug with copy selected pages
FIX - Fixed bug with pages moved or copied to incorrect position


Release date : 18th December 2018
IMPROVEMENT - Implementation of multi-choice capture button option toggle
- Data Exporter v1.2.2.1 prevent export of non fully formed data block expression (i.e. variable missing) unless "Default null values to empty" option is set
IMPROVEMENT - Service processing log (ScanToPDFDisplog.txt) refactored for efficiency improvements
IMPROVEMENT - PDFImport Enhanced rendering engine improving rendering quality (for specific PDF files)


Release date : 13th November 2018
FIX - TranslateUsingCSVFile when columns contain empty values
FIX - TranslateUsingCSVFile matching issue when the value is not a string (it is now converted to one using default formatting)
IMPROVEMENT - SMTPMailerPlugin v1.0.3.3 enhancement html in message body text when sending mail using SMTPSendMail function
NEW - Added new vertical margin setting for improved blank page detection.


Release date : 22nd October 2018
- SMTP Mailer v1.0.3.2 - Body text can now be plain text or HTML
IMPROVEMENT - Digital Signature v1.0.0.4 - Support for signature field name and contact info


Release date : 10th October 2018
IMPROVEMENT - PageStamper v1.1.3.2 support for stamp condition to enable the stamp to only be applied when a defined condition is True
IMPROVEMENT - PageStamper v1.1.3.2 added a more simple syntax to use to mask barcodes on pages

Release date : 27th September 2018
FIX - implemented new switch ignoretwainerrors to allow AutomaticSave to be triggered even when Twain Errors explicitly detected
- Barcode recognition engine updated (v4.2.292)

Release date : 4th September 2018
fixed a memory issue with blank page detection and import
FIX - fixed a problem with sorting the files in the settings vault

Release date : 18th July 2018
FIX - Fix a bug in the Document indexing plugin not allowing save of settings after plugin was installed for the first time.
- Enhancement for automatic adding of file extension in Save As dialog

Release date : 22nd Jun 2018
New branding incorporating 2018 logos.
- Service logs ScanToPDFService (debug log) and ScanToPDFDispLog (running informational log) are now stored in the folder C:\ProgramData\ScanToPDF_5\Logs
FIX - OCR Plugin v fix of OCR zones bug

Release date : 12th Jun 2018

Release date : 4th Jun 2018
FIX - ADR v2.0.0.2 - Correct a problem with the verification feature of the ADR plugin.

Release date : 14th May 2018
IMPROVEMENT - Improved the blank page recognition algorithm for more accurate blank page removal
NEW - Supervisor plugin now provides 2 new events. Document saved and Application exit events to run an action script or display a message box.
NEW - Function added for launching external processes. See the syntax guide in the Documentation centre for details.


Release date : 3rd May 2018
FIX - Repair a problem with permissions on settings import

Release date : 25th April 2018
ENHANCEMENT - Software now has a Help >> Check for updates option to download and install the latest version of the install package for making software updates easier to deploy and install.
ENHANCEMENT - Better PDF Import engine for more accurate rendering of imported PDF files.
FIX - Repair a rare bug caused by codebase URI being escaped.

Release date : 22nd Feb 2018

FIX - Bug in appending to PDF's that were password protected
ENHANCEMENT - Software now compiled for version 4.7 of the .Net framework providing better GUI on large resolution displays.

Release date : 13th Feb 2018
Automatic file namer plugin v1.1.5.5 - New style syntax box for editing complex syntax in the Output file path setting
ENHANCEMENT - New barcode recognition engine
New program called ScanToPDFB10.exe introduced to support older versions of TWAIN drivers on Windows 10

Release date : 16th Jan 2018
Barcode plugin v1.2.2.2 - Added GetBarcode(barcodeIndex) and GetBarcodeText(barcodeIndex) with barcodeIndex being the index (read-order) of the barcode being retrieved

Example to read the first barcode on a page (reading left to right, top to bottom) use


Release date: 20th Dec 2017

ENHANCEMENT - Missing or empty service script (.scp) file implies: ProcessAllDocumentProfiles when running ScanToPDF as a service.

Release date : 29th Nov 2017
FIX - bug - exception when right hand click on empty image pane

Release date : 9th Nov 2017
filename was sometimes wrongly truncated when it contained period characters (".")

Release date : 2nd Nov 2017
 - OCR plugin v5.0.0.3 - Improved recognition and image pre-processing options. Setup user interface improved.

Release date : 9th Oct 2017
- OCR plugin v5.0.0.0 - New OCR engine. Improved recognition. New option for using deskew within the engine.
ENHANCEMENT - WebDav v1.1.0.1 Added option to use Windows Authentication

Version 13th Sep 2017

- OCR plugin v4.2.3.0 - Improved recognition using a new option in the settings for Line removal. Check the box to improve recognition when forms are being scanned.

Version 27th Jul 2017

ENHANCEMENT - PDF Import plugin v1.0.3.5 - PDF Import has improved error handling in the case of corrupt/malformed/damaged PDF files
FIX - Automatic file import plugin v1.2.3.4 - Select capture source now correctly using the Advanced button to open the settings window correctly.

Version 19th Jul 2017
NEW  - We've added a new function called CountList, which counts the number of items in a list - please check the syntax documentation for further details

Version 13th Jul 2017
NEW  - We've completely integrated our website documentation in to the desktop product to provide 1st class documentation. Just press F1 from any window in the ScanToPDF desktop software and the web site documentation will open in your chosen browser.

Version 26th Jun 2017
ENHANCEMENT - We've completely redesigned how to select a capture source to make getting started from TWAIN or W.I.A scanners, or using a folder to import files with ScanToPDF even easier.

Version 26th May 2017
More PDF/A formats now supported
PDF/A-1b - ISO 19005-1
PDF/A-2b - ISO 19005-2
PDF/A-2u - ISO 19005-2
PDF/A-3b - ISO 19005-3
PDF/A-3u - ISO 19005-3

Version 24th May 2017

Basic, Standard & Professional editions of ScanToPDF now have a "favourite folders" on the "Save As" dialog box to make saving your favourite files even faster.

Version 15th May 2017

NEW - Barcode recognition v1.2.0.0 - Only recognise barcodes in certain positions.
- Batch Separation v1.1.3.3 - Fixed a problem in batch separation not removing blank pages correctly
FIX - SMTP Mailer v1.0.2.2 - Fixed a problem with not recognising the off slider correctly
ENHANCEMENT - New barcode recognition engine (v4.2.277)

Version 10th April 2017
New "Eco" mode provides from 40% speed ENHANCEMENT on high volume desktop scanning or importing. Check the "Use eco-display" option in the "UI" settings.

Version 23rd March 2017
Automatic File Namer v1.1.5.0 - Resetting the counter value to 0 was not correctly applied
Document Indexing v1.0.1.17 - Condition not being applied correctly.
FIX - ScanToPDF could appear to sleep until the mouse was moved on some operating systems and in some circumstances

- Improved debug logging

Version 7th March 2017

 Settings Vault - 
Now includes a Samples TAB for easier loading of sample settings
ENHANCEMENT - Settings Vault -
Automatic restart after loading new settings

Version - Feb 15, 2017
 - Exhibit plugin now has more flexible User Interface
ENHANCEMENT - Batch Separation plugin now has shortcut key for inserting manual document breaks(INS key)
NEWData exporter now enables export to SQL databases
Fixed a problem with advanced regular expression (Regex Capture) in barcode recognition

Version - Jan 05, 2017
NEW Added InputBox function to enable simple data entry to capture data
- Export settings now available from "Help" menu

Version - Nov 30, 2016
NEW - Image pane now allows image crop using rectangular selection zone from right mouse click and "Image crop" option from the context menu.

Version - Nov 16, 2016
NEW Data Gatherer plugin - Added zone parameter ReturnRegexIsMatchBoolean. Returns a True/False Boolean result if the Regex for the zone is Matched/Not Matched, instead of returning the value of the Regex extract.
NEWData Gatherer plugin - Added HasDefaultValue zone parameter to allow entry of a default value for a zone using the DefaultValue parameter
 - Thumbnail list not refreshing correctly when batch separation is fixed number

Version - Oct 25, 2016
NEW Use CTRL-Page Up and CTRL-Page Down to move through documents in the thumbnail pane
FIXED - Bookmaking v1.1.0.5 Bookmark titles were being incorrectly set to Title derived from "Path" not "Title" parameter

Version - Oct 10, 2016
NEW Auto Page Re-order - now allows for expressions in the header & footer size
Auto page Re-order - now split pages based on barcode positions
ENHANCEMENT - Improved ITALIAN translation
- Fixed a problem with toolbar functions "Abandon batch" and "Save" being available prior to image capture

Version - Sep 29, 2016

WebRoot Anti-Virus False Positive - Sep 26, 2016
Several customers have reported an issue with WebRoot anti-virus which we have now had an update from WebRoot to inform us this has been corrected. The report was a false-positive, which means there was actually not a problem with the ScanToPDF software. The problem was actually with the WebRoot software. Please follow these instructions provded by WebRoot to correct the problem.


Webroot Support (Sep 23, 2016 17:18)

RE:False positive in ScanToPDF software

Hello - 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have researched this and found that it is indeed NOT a threat. We have reversed the determination on our end and your users can follow the steps below to restore the file from quarantine: 

Part 1: Check to see if any related files are in quarantine 
1. Click on the cog icon next to 'PC Security'. 
2. Open the 'Quarantine' tab. 
3. Check the box next to the filename you want to restore, then click Restore. 

Part 2: Change the Detection Configuration for the files (if necessary) 
1. In the PC Security setting screen, click the 'Block/Allow Files' tab. 
2. If a file you want to use is in the list, make sure the 'Allow' radio button is selected. 
3. If the file is not in the list, click the 'Add file' button. 
4. Navigate to the file and click Open. 
5. Make sure the item is set to "Allow" in the list. 

Part 3: Verify that the related processes are set to "Allow" 
1. From the main Webroot SecureAnywhere window click on the cog icon next to 'Utilities'. 
2. Open the 'System Control' tab. 
3. Under Control Active Processes, click 'Start'. 
4. Find the active process(es) in the list. If they are not already set to "Allow", please change the setting. 

Once again we apologize for the trouble. 

The Webroot Advanced Malware Removal Team

Version - Sep 08, 2016
ENHANCEMENT - ENHANCEMENTs to log file reporting for service
ENHANCEMENT - Updated barcode engine

Version - Sep 02, 2016
ENHANCEMENT - New PDF Import engine (v4.7.5.1)

Version - Jul 11, 2016
ENHANCEMENT - Added extra detail to the "Application" window
FIX - /twainui command line switch caused the program to crash
 - Focus on start problem

Version - Jun 30, 2016 (Cumulative Fixes and ENHANCEMENTs)
NEW - When the focus is in the thumbnail panel the page up, page down, home and end buttons will scroll through the thumbnails.
NEW - Select all pages in a document. Right click on thumbnail and use the ‘Select Document’ option.
NEW - Command line switch to save the selected document and retain the other documents - /cmd=saveselected
NEW - Command line switch to dynamically change document profile. /documentprofile="Get All Invoices"
NEW - Command line switch to import from folder -  /cmd=ImportFromFolder
NEW - Command line switch to close document viewer -  /cmd=ForceExit
NEW - Command line switch to enable passing spaces in variables

ENHANCEMENT - Automatic File Import plugin. Added new "Automatic import after save of batch" setting to the auto file import plugin to trigger a new import process after each batch is saved.Applies to manual mode use only.
ENHANCEMENT - Added new option on the thumbnail selection context menu to allow deletion of not selected images for faster deletion of large numbers of images.
FIXED - OCR plugin. Corrected a bug where CPU usage would be too high when program was first started
FIXED - Data Gatherer plugin. Corrected a problem where extraction of multiple value fields could fail in some circumstances
FIXED - File Print plugin. When Dynamic printer was selected, it was losing the setting after restarting ScanToPDF.
FIXED - Data Gatherer settings weren't being refresh correctly when document profiles were switched. This has now been corrected.
NEW - New syntax function GetBarcodeText for retrieving the barcode value of a specific type of barcode, matching a specific pattern on a specific page of a separated document.
IMPROVED - GetBarcodeLiteralList() now sorts barcodes by the positions of the barcodes on the page read from top to bottom, left to right
NEW - Full support for the OiC Licensing Server