Version 5 Release Notes

Whats New In Version 5

by George @ OiC | Mar 15, 2017
Initial version 5 release to coincide with new website release on April 15th 2016
Version 5 is here and it delivers speed improvements, 64 bit support and a modern user interface ready for the latest versions of Windows. It also delivers many new features. Here are just some....

What's New In Version 5?

✔ NEW - Crop an image before you save it
NEW - Core product (Basic or Standard) removes blank pages
✔ NEW - Multi-pass barcode recognition for advanced image pre-processing
✔ NEW - FREE Code39 barcode recognition for document separator pages
✔ NEW - TWAIN settings now saved in ScanToPDF
✔ NEW - Store settings in the settings vault for simple recovery or transfer of settings
✔ NEW - WebDAV plugin for saving PDF documents to WebDAV folders
✔ NEW - Edit barcode window enables manual editing of barcode values
NEW - Thumbnails now available in 3 sizes for even better document visualisation
NEW - Digital Signature plugin for digital signing of PDF documents
✔ IMPROVED - OCR engine - Improved accuracy and speed
✔ IMPROVED - Barcode recognition engine - Improved accuracy and image pre-processing
✔ IMPROVED - full 64 bit support for processing files using import
✔ IMPROVED - 24% speed improvement (versus version 4)
✔ IMPROVED - Easier activation
✔ IMPROVED - Easier thumbnail selection for deleting/inserting/rotating of thumbnails