Evaluating Solutions

Installing ScanToPDF Solutions

We have created sample settings for our most popular solutions which can easily be imported into ScanToPDF to make evaluation quick & easy.

Download and install the software using the instructions on our Downloads page.

Sample Settings For Quicker Setup

Once the ScanToPDF software is installed follow the "Configuring Solution Settings" section below to configure the software using sample settings

Quick Start Guides To Help

Follow our Quick Start Guides to customize them as required.

Configuring Solution Settings

  • Start ScanToPDF
  • On the menu bar click "Edit" then choose "Options", or use toolbar "Gear" ICON
  • Click the "Settings" ICON
  • Click the "Samples" TAB on the "Settings Vault" window (1 on the image)
  • Select the settings file for the solution, for example STPDF900-batch-scanning-with-barcodes for our Batch scanning with barcodes solution (2 on image)
  • Click the "Restore" button (3 on image)
  • Answer "Yes" to overwrite the current settings
  • Restart ScanToPDF to apply the settings

Run As A Service

To install the software to run as a service simply add the command line switch /SERVICE when you run the installation executable (using a desktop short-cut or a simple batch file) so that the executable is run as shown below.

scantopdfsetup.exe /SERVICE


To evaluate our service solutions please install the solution required and then request a temporary key using this link


Once you have imported the settings our Quick Start Guides page has detailed instructions for amending the settings to suit your own particular requirements.