Options de paiement

We offer three ONLINE payment methods

  • Worldpay
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

    What To Do If Your Payment Fails

    If your payment fails using WorldPay it generally means that your card has been refused for some reason. We do not have access to the refusal reasons so we cannot provide any advice on the refusal. We have found that the following advice often enables a payment to continue successfully.
    Try changing the currency (which is at the top of the web site), some cards will not allow purchases in different currencies to your home currency.
    If WorldPay Payment Fails, try The PayPal Option. Sometimes card payments that are refused by WorldPay will be accepted by PayPal so it may be worth trying to pay using the PayPal option on the right hand side of the checkout page as shown below. PLEASE NOTE : you do not need a PayPal account to pay this way. Using this method the card payment is processed by PayPal instead of Worldpay and this can be done WITHOUT a PayPal account.