Activating ScanToPDF Version 5

Each installation of ScanToPDF has a unique serial number, and hence unique activation keys. If the software is re-installed onto a new computer then new keys will be required.
All our software will operate in evaluation mode until the software is activated using a key (or keys) purchased from this web site.

Following purchase of the appropriate keys, activation is a simple process


If your order contained ONLY Basic or Standard edition software then a key will be sent by email to you once your order has been paid. Visit this page for more instructions.


Generate a key (or keys) using the website and apply the key (or keys) to the ScanToPDF software.

This page explains the process in detail. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

Activating ScanToPDF

  • 1. Obtain The ScanToPDF Serial Number

  • 2. Generate Activation Keys

  • 3. Applying Activation Keys Using a License File

  • 4. Applying Activation Keys Manually