Applying A ScanToPDF Activation Key At Startup

These instructions only apply to customers who have purchased ScanToPDF Basic or Standard Edition only

  • Check your email - we emailed a key to you , the subject of the email is ScanToPDF Activation Keys
  • The key in the email ONLY WORKS WITH VERSION 5 SOFTWARE. Please make sure version 5 has been installed using the Help >> About ScanToPDF window
  • Start the ScanToPDF software (ScanToPDF.exe) on your computer
  • The software will display a window (screenshot provided below for reference).
  • Enter the key provided in the email into the box provided (labelled 1 on the screenshot) and click the "OK" button (labelled 2 on the screenshot)
  • The key will be validated and applied. If the key entered is not valid a warning message will be displayed.
Applying an activation key at startup