License Server

Technical Details For Administrators

The license server is a windows service that provides activation for ScanToPDF software using 2 different models, fixed model and concurrent model.

ScanToPDF software that has been configured to use the license server for activation (using either of the 2 models above) will connect to the licensing server to request activation keys for the modules in use. The license server will then return an activation key to the software to activate it.

In concurrent operation the activation is only used when the software is active. As soon as the software is closed the activation key is returned to a pool of keys, ready for another user.

In fixed operation the keys are allocated on a first come first serve basis, until all activation keys have been issued by the server. At this point no more keys can be issued until some of the keys have been manually released using the Licensing Supervisor utility which is part of the Licensing Server software suite.