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Activating ScanToPDF - help with activating ScanToPDF
Getting started - help with setting up a TWAIN scanner
Using ScanToPDF - get to know your way around our friendly and welcoming user interface
Core Documentation - the core settings available without plugins installed
Detailed Plugin Information - a detailed description of the settings available in plugins
General Documentation - troubleshooting, importing and exporting settings
Frequently Asked Questions  - answers to our F.A.Q
PDF Guides - downloadable PDF guides for more complex settings
Quick Start Guides - online guides to setting up solutions for evaluating our software
Syntax Guide - documentation for the syntax available in ScanToPDF
Re-Installing & Re-activating ScanToPDF - full & detailed instructions
Release notes - details of all the changes we make to ScanToPDF
Resolving permissions problems - how to resolve permissions problems
Running ScanToPDF As A Service - full & detailed instructions

Pressing F1 in the ScanToPDF software will open context sensitive help pages on this site whenever applicable.