desktop_solution_krypticQuick Start Guides

These Quick Start Guides explain the sample settings we provide on the Sample solutions tab of the Settings Vault window of the ScanToPDF software.

Quickly load the sample settings and then tailor the settings to make the evaluation more useful for your particular environment.

Quick Start Guides

  • STPDF900 - Batch scanning with barcodes

  • STPDF901 - Batch Scanning

  • STPDF076 - ScanToPDF 1 Click Edition

  • STPDF902 - PDF DataNet Barcode Desktop / ScanSnap Solution

  • STPDF903 - PDF DataNet Barcode Service

  • STPDF1001 - PDF DataNet OCR Service

  • STPDF1000 - PDF DataNet Barcode Service Pro

  • STPDF910 - Batch scanning with OCR zones

More Tips
Visit our Downloads  page for instructions for downloading & installing ScanToPDF  software.

Visit this page of the web site for instructions for importing sample evaluation solution settings
If you need a document to download to view and print then choose one of the guides below
More Tips
PDF guides might be more helpful to take offline to setup computers that don't have an Internet connection