Syntax Guide


This page provides descriptions (and in some cases examples) of the syntax for functions, methods, objects and properties available in various ScanToPDF plugins. The available syntax will be displayed in a small pop-up window in the software when an open curly brace is entered in any setting where a syntax is available. Figure 1 illustrates the pop up window and shows the syntax and a brief description of that syntax. In this document the syntax is listed in alphabetical order

 Figure 1

Syntax Documentation

  • ADRMatchId Variable

  • AppPath Variable

  • BarcodeCount Variable

  • BatchCapturedPageCount Variable

  • BatchDocumentSavedCount Variable

  • BatchTotalSavedPageCount

  • Capitalise Function

  • Concatenate Function

  • CountList Function

  • Date Function

  • Document Object

  • DocumentIncludedPageCount Variable (OBSOLETE)

  • DocumentNumber Variable

  • DocumentPageNumber Variable

  • DocumentProfileName Variable

  • DocumentSize Variable (in bytes)

  • EmailFlag Variable

  • Environment Object

  • Extract Function

  • GetBarcode Function

  • GetBarcodeLiteralList Function

  • GetBarcodeText Function

  • GetFilePathWithUniqueVersion Function

  • GetWeekOfYear Function

  • ImportFilePath Variable

  • IncrementCounter Function

  • InputBox Function

  • IsNull Function

  • Page Object

  • RemoveChars Function

  • RemoveExtraSpaces Function

  • RemoveSpaces Function

  • Replace Function

  • SetVariable Function

  • SMTPSendMail Function

  • SubString function

  • Ternary Function

  • Translate Function

  • ValueMatchesRegex Function