Licensing ScanToPDF Software

Apply Activation Keys To Each PC That Runs ScanToPDF

The default licensing model is the Client Model.

In the client model activation keys are purchased, generated and applied to each PC which runs ScanToPDF. Keys must also be applied for all plugin modules.

Keys are generated online using the Keys page of the logged in users website account.

We also offer the option of activation being provided by the OiC License Server, which is explained below.

The Licensing Server

The Licensing Server is an optional FREE* licensing solution which we provide with a purchase of a License Server User Pack to help deployment of large numbers of client licenses (using 2 different models) and can be used to provide license activation for any of our products (Core products, plugins and solutions)

The Licensing Server is also the preferred solution for Virtual Machines (such as VM Ware), Citrix or any other form of thin client or Virtual environment

We offer TWO licensing modes with the license server.
  1. Fixed Model Server Licensing;(using the license server) - Deploy licenses using the License Server in Fixed Model mode. Purchase users in packs and activate using the Licensing Server - Choose one of the "Fixed Model License Server User Packs"
  2. Concurrent Model Server Licensing (using the license server) - Deploy licenses using the License Server in Concurrent Model mode. Purchase concurrent licenses and activate using the Licensing Server. PLEASE NOTE - Concurrent licenses cannot be purchased online. Please contact us for details.

Is It Possible To Convert From Client Model To Fixed Model?

Yes it is. Once a small administration fee has been paid we will provide the licensing server software and the appropriate keys to enable conversion from client model to fixed model.

* The licensing server is provided FREE of charge as part of a purchase of fixed or concurrent model licenses. Client model licenses can be converted only after payment of a small administration fee (see above)