Concurrent Model Licensing

What is a concurrent model license?

Concurrent model licenses, also called floating licenses or flexible-use licenses, allow customers to install the ScanToPDF software on an unlimited number of computers, terminal servers, or Citrix servers. A license server (which we provide FREE of charge with a purchase of concurrent model licenses) controls activation of the ScanToPDF software, enabling no more than the licensed number of users to simultaneously run the product.

The concurrent-user license model offers the following advantages to certain customers:

✔ It is well suited for customers wanting to install the ScanToPDF software on a terminal server or a Citrix server. Some IT departments prefer to deal with installing software only once on a terminal server, rather than having to install it on many computers throughout the organization.
✔ This model can also lessen the administrative burden of license management. With a concurrent-user license, there is only one license number to purchase and renew rather than many individual per-computer licenses to track and renew maintenance on.
✔ A concurrent-user license can be more economical than purchasing multiple computer licenses.
✔ Concurrent licensing allows sharing or floating of licenses among multiple users. This can provide companies with greater flexibility and cost efficiency.
✔ A concurrent user license includes OiC Remote Assurance, which means priority support, FREE major upgrades and most of all, peace of mind !
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