Fixed Model Licensing

What is a fixed model license?

Fixed model licenses allow customers to install the licensed ScanToPDF software on a limited number of computers. A license server (which we provide FREE of charge with a purchase of a user pack) controls activation of the ScanToPDF software, replacing the need for individual activation keys to be applied to each machine that runs the ScanToPDF software.

The fixed model license offers the following advantages to certain customers:

✔ It is well suited for customers wanting to install the ScanToPDF software on a fixed number of machines without needing to activate each machine individually.
 This model can also lessen the administrative burden of license management. With a fixed-user license, there is only one license number to purchase and renew rather than many individual per-computer licenses to track and renew maintenance on and so provides the ideal solution for faster deployment of a large number of licenses.
 A fixed model license is suited to dynamic client environments, where computer systems running the software are changed or refreshed on a regular basis.