Scan To PDF Tutorial Videos
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How to generate and apply your activation key
This video shows how, after purchasing a licence, you can generate your key and activate ScanToPDF.  Click Here

How to Backup And Restore Your Settings.
This video demonstrates how to make a copy of all of your Plug-in settings and then restore them should you ever need to.  Click Here

We all know that we should make a backup of our work but then we never actually get around to doing it. This video might save you hours of time in recovering your system or moving or copying your system onto another PC.

How to reduce processing time using ECO Display Mode
This video demonstrates the use of the ECO Display setting to reduce the time required to import or scan your images and then save the PDFs. The reduction in procssing time is achieved by disabling the Window's user interface which allows the processing to be purely focussed on image capture.  Click Here

How to search folders for text in a PDF
Watch this video to see how you can search an archive or a folder structure for PDFs that contain an entered piece of text.  Click Here

Text based PDF files are by their nature searchable but PDFs created from a scanned document only contain an image of the scanned page and are therefore not searchable. So an OCR process is needed to recognize the characters and add the searchable text layer to the PDF. 
The ScanToPDF OCR plug-in will add the searchable text layer at the time of scanning. If you have an existing archive of image files (tiffs, jpgs, pngs, etc) or image only PDF files then these can be converted into searchable PDFs using our FileToPDF product.

Extracting data from PDF files and creating XML files
How to process PDF files received as email attachments and send the data to ERP system such as SAP B1, Navision, Oracle EBS or into ecommerce systems such as Shopify. The process can also be used to convert the PDF into an EDI transaction file.   Click Here

The demonstration takes you through the processing of Sales Orders and Supplier Invoices.

Converting a PDF Purchase Order into a Shopify Order
In under a minute the data is extracted from a PDF PO and uploaded into Shopify to create a new order.   Click Here

The demonstration takes you through the conversion of an emailed purchased order into a Shopify order.

SharePoint Connector or Integration Layer
Watch this video to see how you can transfer PDFs processed by ScanToPDF directly into SharePoint online or on-premises.   Click Here

The demonstration takes you through the automatic processing of Supplier Invoices and sending the PDF and MetaData to a Documents Library in SharePoint

Application Integration Using ScanToPDF Command Lines
This video shows how ScanToPDF can be integrated into an application and scanned or emailed documents can be attached to a transaction within your application.  Click Here