Pre & Post Sales Information

Pre-Sale Evaluation Approach

"The consultants at OIC were fantastic at understanding what we needed to deliver our solution and how it could be delivered. I can't thank them enough for all the help they provided both before and after we purchased"

We have a unique approach to evaluation. When you try our software the functionality is not at all restricted. All the features in the evaluation are the features available after the software is purchased. The only difference is that every page created with the evaluation software will bear our web site address as a banner across the page. This enables the software to be fully tested and evaluated free of charge and at your own pace. We have lots of useful set-up guides and documentation, as well as hints and tips to get the most from your scanner and our software, all available from this web site. Some of our more complex solutions include 2 hours remote assistance included with the purchase of a license so our consultants can help you configure the software exactly how you need it.

Post Sales Support & Software Assurance

"It's all about continuity and avoiding the backlog. Make sure that your scanning operation can recover quickly in the event of a failure and make sure that your software is ALWAYS upto date"

We support ALL our software.We do however, in common with most software vendors, offer customers a priority support package to ensure continuity for customers who use the software in mission critical processes. We call this package OIC Remote Assurance. This also provides FREE upgrades as part of the agreement which helps you make the most of your investment in our software.