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  • desktop_solution_plugin

    .Net Dynacode

    SKU : STPDF011

    Create the functionality you need by writing your own code in C# or VB .Net in ScanToPDF custom events More
    1 Year Subscription $119, Perpetual $340, Perpetual + Support $425
  • desktop_chat

    1 Hour Support Ticket

    SKU : STPDF000

    Use this product only under the guidance of ScanToPDF support staff More
    Service $90
  • desktop_solution_ocr

    Auto Document Save

    SKU : STPDF911

    Scan a document and name it using text data extracted from a zone (or zones) on the pages being scanned More
    1 Year Subscription $308, Perpetual $879, Perpetual + Support $1099
  • desktop_solution_plugin

    Automatic Document Recognition (ADR)

    SKU : STPDF014

    The ADR plug-in recognizes documents automatically using advanced statistical analysis of the page (by extracting text or using OCR). It can also use the source import folder to set the document profile. More
    1 Year Subscription $193, Perpetual $550, Perpetual + Support $688
75 products
75 products
75 products

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