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Scanning paper to PDF

ScanToPDF batch scanning solutions process images captured from TWAIN scanners.

We have out of the box desktop scanning solutions for batch processing documents with barcodes, extracting data using zonal OCR and exporting data.

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  • desktop_solution_batch

    Batch Scanning With Barcodes

    SKU : STPDF900

    Batch scan documents using the barcodes on the documents for batch separation and for automatic file naming. Alternatively index documents using data entered by an operator

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    1 Year Subscription $350, Perpetual $699, Perpetual + Support $874
  • desktop_solution_ocr

    Batch Scanning with OCR zones

    SKU : STPDF910

    Extract data from zones on scanned documents and convert into valuable information

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    1 Year Subscription $665, Perpetual $1329, Perpetual + Support $1661
  • Batch scanning  professional

    Batch Scanning Professional

    SKU : STPDF1200

    Batch scanning with ultimate flexibility, control and accuracy. Use zonal barcode recognition, zonal optical character recognition or manual document indexing. Create multiple document profiles

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    1 Year Subscription $820, Perpetual $1639, Perpetual + Support $2049
3 products
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85 products

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