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Scanning paper to PDF

ScanToPDF batch scanning solutions process images captured from TWAIN scanners.

We have out of the box desktop scanning solutions for batch processing documents with barcodes, extracting data using zonal OCR and exporting data.

Mailroom Solution

The mailroom solution scans your incoming mail to PDF and then automatically emails it to a recipient. The perfect solution for getting mail to remote employees in virtual offices.

Key Features and Benefits

✔ Get mail to remote employees much quicker
✔ Use the included Mail Room utility to create header sheet barcode pages
✔ Attach mail as PDF or include link to the PDF document in the email
✔ Customise the subject and body of the email that gets sent
✔ Complete database audit log (searchable) for full audit trail

How does it work ?

Prepare the mail by placing a header sheet on top of each mail item.
Place the stack into the scanner document feeder and click Scan
PDF documents are processed, stored and emailed to the recipients (using the QR Code barcode recognition system)

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