Converting PDF documents into data

PDF DataNet file processing solutions process, extract and convert data from PDF files or popular image formats.

The source files can come from scanners, email attachments or an existing document archive.

We have out of the box desktop and server solutions for batch processing files with barcodes, extracting data using zonal OCR and exporting data.

PDF DataNet Barcode Desktop

An automated solution for separating, renaming and filing of documents from network scanners or Multi Function Peripheral (MFP) devices

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Key Features & Benefits

✔ 2  hours FREE remote setup support included in the price
✔ Imports files from network folders produced by standalone devices and saves to a single output folder.
✔ Reads all popular barcode types for batch separation and automatic file naming using the barcode value
✔ Batches are processed, separated and saved without user intervention
✔ Options to use manual document indexing if barcodes are not read
✔ Deletes source files after they have been processed
✔ Can run in attended mode for document quality control or non attended mode for automated processing

Modules Activated with purchase of this solution

ScanToPDF Standard Edition + Automatic File Import + Automatic file namer + Barcode recognition + Batch separation + Document Indexing

This solution saves to a SINGLE output folder. If MULTIPLE output folders are required then please take a look at our PDF DataNet Barcode Desktop Pro solution.

This solution runs as a Windows desktop application. If you need the solution to run as a Windows service our PDF Datanet Barcode ServicePDF DataNet Barcode Service Pro solutions provide this feature.

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Visit our downloads page for full & detailed instructions for download, installation and evaluation of this solution.

Download, Installation & Configuration

View our quick start guide to get started with the PDF DataNet Barcode Desktop solution. Play explainer video for PDF DataNet

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  1. Jeff Thomas | Feb 18, 2020
    We are scanning customer packing slips on a canon iR-ADV C5535. I would recommend this product
  2. Samantha Bartlett - | Jul 17, 2018
    George was extremely helpful when I had questions! The reason I decided to buy this software was because I knew it would fit our business needs thanks to George getting on a call with me! I started out looking at other software but wasn't able to make it work and no one would assist me before buying their software. That's why I'm so satisfied with the help I've received here!
  3. Harald Sartori | Mar 29, 2017
    The pre-purchase support was exceptional. We are using both OCR and barcode reconition options to process our production orders which are picked up using the Import from Folder option.
  4. James Page | Sep 06, 2016
    We process over 2000 scanned documents a day which are scanned across our distributed network. This product then processes all of the documents and files the PDFs into the correct folder structure based on the barcode value.

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