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Our eCommerce integration products are designed to extract data from PDF documents - such as sales orders, quotation requests or purchase invoices - and automatically upload them into popular eCommerce packages.

Shopify Connector

Manually entering a multi-line sales order from a trade cutomer can be a time consuming task and can also prove eroneous due to input errors.

Based on our advanced PDFDataNet product, the data required to generate a Shopify sales or draft order is extracted from the purchase order and passed to the Shopify api to automatically create the new order.

Watch a short demo of the process here: 

Video:- How to convert a PDF purchase order into a Shopify sales order.

In summary the Shopify Connector performs the following functions:
  • Processes PDF documents from a folder or allows the user to open or drag and drop the files into the program.
  • Identifies the document and applies the correct document template.
  • Uses the template to extract or assign predefined data fields or, in the case where a new document is encountered, present a user interface for the data to be entered.
  • Extracts data from rows and columns or tables within the PDF such as order line details. Also caters for fields that "float" such as total fields at the end of an invoice.
  • Files the PDF into a structured document archive using the data extracted to construct the file path and file name.
  • Uses the data extracted topass to the Shopify api to create a new sales or draft order.

What's In The Solution?

Document Indexing - presents the user with the extracted data for verification 
Filenamer - files the PDF away in a folder
Data Exporter - creates a csv or xml file of the extracted data
Text PDF Import - required to support the processing of text based PDF files
+ Shopify Connector  - pass data and integrates with the Shopify api.


The licences for this product are supplied on an annual subscription basis which includes all future upgrades and priority support. The package is supplied with a document profile pack of 20 profiles ("templates") and additional templates can be added as required. For additional template pricing please contact us.

Download, Installation & Configuration

contact us.
via email and request a Shopify Connector evaluation system.

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