Data Extraction Solutions

PDF DataNet data extraction solutions process and extract data from PDF files.

The source files can come from scanners, email attachments or an existing document archive.

We have out of the box desktop and server solutions for batch processing documents with barcodes, extracting data using zonal OCR and exporting data.

PDF DataNet Document Indexing

PDF DataNet Document Indexing provides document visualisation, document indexing and automated data extraction from text based PDF files, or from PDF files created using Optical Character Recognition.

When used in conjunction with the PDF DataNet Data Extractor and Processor it provides a very powerful, feature rich solution for fully automated data extraction and conversion

In standalone mode it is used to open a PDF, extract data and present that data to a user interface, enabling the data to be inspected (including rules based validation) before saving the document indexing data to an XML or CSV file for import into some external source, such as SAP, SAGE, NAVISION or any wide range of ERP solutions.

Key Features

Data extraction, presentation and manual validation
Rules based validation
Extract header and line data
Process multiple template files
Extract data to XML or CSV files

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