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We use plugins to build the solutions on this website. If you need a solution with additional functionality you could build your own using the plugins we provide.

Document Indexing

What does the document indexing plug-in do ?

The document indexing plug-in is used to prompt the user to input document indexing information.

Features and Benefits

It is fully configurable and enables data to be input using
 Text boxes
 List boxes (filled with a list of items or from a database connection (SQL, Access etc)
 Date Selector
 Check boxes (true or false)
✔ Show for each document or once for a batch (first saved document)

The data entered can be stored inside the PDF document as Metadata. This metadata is crawlable and indexable making it easy to find your documents using Windows search (or Google Desktop). 

Easily create tailored document indexing screens to capture document index details


Detailed documentation is available here

Download, Installation & Configuration

Visit the downloads page and follow the instructions under the heading "Installing ScanToPDF Software" then follow the instructions for "Installing ScanToPDF Plugins".

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