Automatic File Namer

Automatically name files using barcodes or feature rich syntax

What does the automatic file namer plugin do ?

Name files automatically without user intervention for faster document saving

Features and Benefits

 Automatic file naming is faster
Does not require user intervention
Filenames are pre-defined, consistent and correct

The filename can be :

 A simple function (such as date and time or simple incremental number)
 A barcode value read from the document using the barcode recognition plugin
 A text value extracted using OCR text recognition plugin and zones (using the Data Gatherer)
 A complex function such as a Regex expression or a reformatting of a source file name
Entered by a user using a simple input box

Detailed documentation is available here

Download, Installation & Configuration

Visit the downloads page and follow the instructions under the heading "Installing ScanToPDF Version 5 Software" then follow the instructions for "Installing ScanToPDF Plugins".

Automatic File Namer Example Syntax
This syntax can be used in the "Output file path" setting.

An increment - the file name is a simple sequential series of numbers

- {IncrementCounter()}.pdf generates 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf, etc
- {IncrementCounter():000000}.pdf generates 000001.pdf, 000002.pdf, etc

A datetime stamp - the file name is based on today's date the current time
for example 6th Nov 2016 at 2' 02" PM

Date Syntaxes
- {Date():dd MMM yy}.pdf generates 06 NOV 15.pdf
- {Date():yyyyMMdd}.pdf generates 20151106
- {Date():yyyyMMdd}\{IncrementCounter():0000}.pdf generates 20151106\0001.pdf

Time Syntaxes
- {Date():hhmmss}.pdf generates 021720.pdf (12 hour format)
- {Date():HHmmss}.pdf generates 141720.pdf (24 hour format)

Date and Time Syntaxes

- {Date():yyyyMMddhhmmss}.pdf generates 20151106021720.pdf (12 hour format)
- {Date():yyyyMMddHHmmss}.pdf generates 20151106141720.pdf (24 hour format)

A complex function such as

- {GetFilenameWithoutExtension(ImportFilePath)}.pdf  uses the file name of an imported file

This syntax is then entered into the "Output file path" setting of the plugin

For example
C:\PDF Files\{Date():yyyyMMdd}\{IncrementCounter():0000}.pdf

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  1. Frank M Whitman | Aug 17, 2016
    I really like this program since it does everything we need. However, if more than one scanner is connected to a computer even though you select the one you want as a default, the program chooses a different UI each time you start a scan.

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