Automatic File Namer

Automatically name files using barcodes or feature rich syntax

What does the automatic file namer plugin do ?

Name files automatically without user intervention for faster scanning

Features and Benefits

 Automatic file naming is faster
Does not require user intervention
Filenames are pre-defined, consistent and correct

The filename can be :

 A simple function (such as date and time or simple incremental number)
 A barcode value read from the document using the barcode recognition plugin
 A text value extracted using OCR text recognition plugin and zones (using the Data Gatherer)
 A complex function such as a Regex expression or a reformatting of a source file name
Entered by a user using a simple input box

Detailed documentation is available here

Download, Installation & Configuration

Visit the downloads page and follow the instructions under the heading "Installing ScanToPDF Software" then follow the instructions for "Installing ScanToPDF Plugins".

Automatic File Namer Example Syntax
This syntax can be used in the "Output file path" setting.

An increment - the file name is a simple sequential series of numbers

- {IncrementCounter()}.pdf generates 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf, etc
- {IncrementCounter():000000}.pdf generates 000001.pdf, 000002.pdf, etc

A datetime stamp - the file name is based on today's date the current time

- {Date():dd MMM yy}.pdf generates 06 NOV 15.pdf
- {Date():yyyyMMdd}.pdf generates 20151106
- {Date():yyyyMMddhhmmss}.pdf generates 20151106141720.pdf
- {Date():yyyyMMdd}\{IncrementCounter():0000}.pdf generates 20151106\0001.pdf

A complex function such as

- {GetFilenameWithoutExtension(ImportFilePath)}.pdf  uses the file name of an imported file

This syntax is then entered into the "Output file path" setting of the plugin

For example
C:\PDF Files\{Date():yyyyMMdd}\{IncrementCounter():0000}.pdf

Most Popular Solutions Containing Filenamer

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  1. Frank M Whitman | Aug 17, 2016
    I really like this program since it does everything we need. However, if more than one scanner is connected to a computer even though you select the one you want as a default, the program chooses a different UI each time you start a scan.

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