Accessing Barcode Recogntion settings
Start ScanToPDF

Click the "Edit" menu and choose "Options"
Click the "Barcode recognition" ICON

Free Mode (on or off)
Setting on enables recognition of Code39 barcodes for batch separation purposes only. None of the other features documented below will be enabled

Recognition TAB
Multi-pass (on or off)
Description (used in conjunction with multi-pass) - Enter a description for this pass
Type - Choose the barcode type(s) to be recognised
Error check - Check this option to enable error check digits to be used
Allow missing start/stop markers - Check this option to enable Code39 barcode recognition without start and stop markers
Direction - Set the direction of the barcodes to recognise
Barcodes to read
Recognition timeout (seconds) -

Action Script TAB

Auto-Orientation TAB (on or off)

Repeater TAB (on or off)

User Interface TAB
Show Edit Barcodes option on applications View menu - Checking this setting will enable an option of "Barcode edit window" to appear on the "View" menu of the main user interface
Show default barcode zone