Batch Scan & Index

The ideal solution for scanning batches of documents and indexing those files into folders quickly and efficiently.

Scan batches of :

 Supplier Invoices  Delivery Notes  Contracts  Medical records  Vehicle documentation

or any other paperwork and file away into pre-configured locations with pre-configured filenames. Place the NEWDOC separator page (PROVIDED BELOW) between your documents, load them in the scanner and click "Scan". Each document saved will have a simple pop-up window to enable document index details to be entered. The documents are saved into the folder, with the indexing information used to name the folders and files.

 Fast file naming  Accurate file naming  Consistent file naming

The indexing pop up window is easily configured with no programming skills required using simple, user friendly configuration.

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What's Included In This Solution?

This solution includes ScanToPDF Standard Edition and the following plugins
+ Automatic File Namer
+ Batch Separation
+ Document Indexing 

Download, Installation & Configuration

Visit our downloads page for full & detailed instructions for download, installation and evaluation of this solution. The NEWDOC separator page can be downloaded from here

Setup Guide

Our setup guide will help explain the settings - Click here

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  1. Jason Black | Sep 06, 2016
    This product was just what we needed. We looked at lots of more expensive options that weren't as easy to configure as this product. Highly recommended if you need to configure you own data entry screen.

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