Batch Scanning

Scan multiple documents in a single operation

On completion of the scanning process, scanning software separates the scanned pages back into their original documents. The separation or splitting of the batch can be controlled by various methods including

 barcoded separator page ✔ a blank or black separator page  a fixed page count

Scan batches easily and quickly with automatic file naming. Suitable for...

Accountants and bookkeepers (supplier invoices, purchase orders)
Logistics providers (picking notes, delivery notes, proof of delivery)
Law firms (contracts, documentation)
Office administrators (correspondence, invoices, contracts)
Insurance companies (contracts, correspondence)
Medical records

Place the documents in the scanner document feeder, click Scan and let ScanToPDF do the rest. It will scan, split and save the files using any of the internal ScanToPDF functions such as increments or date and time functions to name the files. 

For more information about scanning documents in batches and batch separation methods, click here

A free NEWDOC barcode document separation page can be downloaded from here and a setup guide for using a NEWDOC separator page can be downloaded from here

For separating batches using barcodes to name your PDF documents, please take a look at our Batch Scanning with Barcodes solution
For splitting batches based on OCR values (e.g.contract numbers) please take a look at our Batch scanning with OCR solution

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What's Included In This Solution?

This solution includes ScanToPDF Standard Edition and the following plugins
+ Automatic File Namer
+ Batch Separation

Download, Installation & Configuration

Visit our downloads page for full & detailed instructions for download, installation and evaluation of this solution. The NEWDOC separator page can be downloaded from here

Quick Start Guide

View our quick start guide to getting started with Batch scanning

5 reviews

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  1. Frank M. Whitman | Feb 18, 2017
    I really like this program since it does everything we need.  However, if more than one scanner is connected to a computer even though you select the one you want as a default, the program chooses a different UI each time you start a scan.
  2. R Szoka | Sep 15, 2016
    We now scan our daily picking notes in one batch and this products splits them into individual PDFs for us.
  3. James Price | Aug 08, 2016
    Delivers exactly what we wanted.
  4. J S Booker, Jersey | May 26, 2016
    We use this product to scan our patient interview notes. Works very well for us.
  5. Grace Ward, Canada | May 04, 2016
    A great  product for scanning in my supplier invoices. Very pleased with the way I can split the batch using the barcode separator page.

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