Batch Scanning Professional

Batch scanning with ultimate flexibility, control and accuracy. Use zonal barcode recognition, zonal optical character recognition or manual document indexing. Create multiple document profiles for control over workflow. Export data for integration into other systems, and populate the PDF metadata for enhanced search capabilities using any search index.

Key Features and Benefits

✔ Fixed cost scanning. No page count licensing or restrictions
✔ Create multiple documents profiles to manage all your workflows
✔ Zonal barcode and character recognition. Use barcodes or OCR data to separate and name files for ultimate flexibility
✔ Create fully text searchable PDF files with enhanced metadata for fast searching
✔ Export data into CSV, TXT, XML or even SQL updates to integrate with other systems

Modules Activated with purchase of this solution

ScanToPDF Standard Edition + Automatic file namer + Barcode recognition + Batch separation + OCR + Data Exporter + Data Gatherer + Document Profile Selector + Document Indexing + PDF MetaData

Download, Installation & Configuration

Visit our downloads page for full & detailed instructions for download, installation and evaluation of this solution.

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