Batch Scanning With Barcodes

A perfect solution for scanning documents with barcodes

Barcode batch scanning is the process of digitizing a set of pages and detecting a barcode on all or some of the scanned images. The value of the barcode – which is returned by the barcode recognition engine – can be used to automate the separation of the batch into individual documents. The barcode value can also be used to determine the name and path of the filed PDF.

✔ Installation support included in the price - Our consultants will configure the software to your requirements (using remote connection over Internet)

✔ Fast duplex scanning solution. Remove blank pages. Use your barcodes to separate and name the documents - More details
Recognize both 1D and 2D barcodesMore details
✔ Quality control using our unique batch preview featureMore details
✔ Use powerful "Regex" pattern matching to filter out un-wanted bar-codes

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  1. stpadmin | Nov 17, 2016
    This was the product George at ScanToPDF recommended for us and helped us configure. It works really well and we now scan in 20 minutes what used to take 4 hours. 

    Jake, CA

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