Cloud Integration

The Cloud Integration plug-in automatically shares your documents by saving them in "The Cloud" using integrated DropBox and automated FTP functions.

✔ Easily share your PDF documents using FTP
✔ Documents are safe from failure of local hard disk or computer
✔ Full integration with DropBox
✔ Share your scanned PDF documents with family, friends or colleagues
✔ Configure once for a fully automated upload of all documents
✔ Fully integrated and approved for use with Dropbox
✔ Access your PDF documents from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection
✔ Saves locally and to the Cloud

Download, Installation & Configuration

Download the ScanToPDF Setup Install from the link below. Run the install program (which is called scantopdfsetup.exe) to install ScanToPDF.

Adding Plugins

Start ScanToPDF
Click the "Edit" menu and choose "Options"
Click the "Plugins" BUTTON
The box below will be populated with ICONS for every plugin (those already installed will have a ticked check box).
Check the plugin ICON to install it into the current configuration
Click the "Restart" BUTTON to restart ScanToPDF

The current configuration will have the new plugin(s) added to it

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