Digital Signature

The Digital signature plugin enables PDF files to be signed using digital signatures.

At present there are two signing options

1. Specify a .pfx file with its corresponding private key (password)
2. Or if the certificate has been successfully imported onto the machine's certificate store, it can be retrieved by ScanToPDF without requiring a password by using a matching criteria

Detailed documentation is available here

Download, Installation & Configuration

Download the ScanToPDF Setup Install from the link below. Run the install program (which is called scantopdfsetup.exe) to install ScanToPDF.

Adding Plugins

Start ScanToPDF
Click the "Edit" menu and choose "Options"
Click the "Plugins" BUTTON
The box below will be populated with ICONS for every plugin (those already installed will have a ticked check box).
Check the plugin ICON to install it into the current configuration
Click the "Restart" BUTTON to restart ScanToPDF

The current configuration will have the new plugin(s) added to it

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