FileToPDF Command Line

What Does FileToPDF Do?

FileToPDF is a command line utility that uses the same image processing software technology we use in ScanToPDF alongside our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert images (or image only PDF documents) into fully text searchable PDF files. This is the perfect tool for adding OCR data to existing scanned images or existing PDF files.

Automatic rotation of pages based on the text content
Remove blank pages from existing files during conversion so they do not get included in the finished PDF
Convert existing image files (TIFF,JPG,BMP,PNG etc) into Fully Text Searchable PDF files
Convert existing scanned PDF documents into Fully Text Searchable PDF files
Can be set-up as a scheduled task for automated processing 
Create text file output of OCR data and extract text from text PDF
Set PDF Dublin Core Metadata properties such as Author, Title, Subject and Keywords
Control PDF view preferences and security (user/master password)
Enable/Disable print
Easy to integrate, no programming skills required just simple command line switches

Great For Integrators!

It's also a great utility for simple integration into existing applications to enable existing images to be converted into fully text searchable PDF documents.

Settings Guide

Download a settings guide (PDF) from here

Downloading FileToPDF

We offer a FREE evaluation of FileToPDF. Please contact us and mention FileToPDF download for download details.

Activating FileToPDF

Please visit this page for details for activating FileToPDF

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  1. Ken Blasco | Jun 07, 2017
    Good Product, works as advertised. A little more help documentation on my product (FileToPDF commandline) would be helpful.

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