Scan To Oracle EBS

The ScanToPDF Oracle® eBusiness Suite (“ScanToEBS”) Plug-in

allows PDF documents/URLs to be attached to EBS transactions, for example, Payables Invoices. When documents are scanned, they are tagged with a unique reference number. This reference number is entered against the EBS transaction, so the ScanToPDF client can connect to the EBS environment, identify the transaction, and the scanned document file and/or URL can be attached to the transaction.

For example, when a Payables Invoice is received, it is entered into Oracle Payables with Voucher Number 12345 (the unique reference number) and subsequently scanned with ScanToPDF. When the PDF is saved in ScanToPDF, the EBS Plug-in takes control and ScanToPDF connects to the Oracle eBusiness Suite, verifies Voucher Number 12345 as the transaction reference, and the associated scanned document file/URL is saved as an EBS Document Attachment against the invoice.

The ScanToPDF EBS Plug-in is tightly integrated with the Oracle eBusiness Suite, including:

 Authentication (EBS Username/Password)
✔ Data Access Security (via Multi-org Access Control and EBS Responsibilities)
✔ Communication with EBS Server components over HTTP/HTTPS to the EBS Application Tier
✔ Consideration of Document Sequencing / Sequential Numbering


The ScanToEBS module requires 2 components. A client activation key for the plugin and also the server side module. Contact us now mentioning ScanToEBS for more details and pricing

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