PDF DataNet - Data Extractor and Processor

The vast increase in the volume of business documents we receive as PDF attachments provides a great opportunity to streamline and automate the processing of such documents.

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PDF Data Extractor is designed to strip out the data from within the PDF and reformat it such that it can be easily imported into your applications.

It is also used alongside EDI processes by converting "messages" received as PDFs into the required EDI XML format. (EDIFACT, ODETTE, X12, BASDA, etc.)

Documents for consideration are supplier invoices, customer orders,sales orders, purchase orders, quotation requests, remittance advices, dispatch advices.

In summary PDF Processor performs the following functions:
  • Processes PDF documents from a folder or number of folders that are either searchable scanned image PDFs or PDF text files typically received as attachments to emails.
  • Automatically identifies the document and applies the correct document template.
  • Uses the template to extract or assign predefined data fields or, in the case where a new document is encountered, present a user interface for the data to be entered.
  • Extracts data from rows and columns or tables within the PDF such as order line details. Also caters for fields that "float" such as total fields at the end of an invoice.
  • Files the PDF into a structured document archive using the data extracted to construct the file path and file name.
  • Uses the data extracted to create a csv, xml file for processing by external applications or automatically integrates with third party applications via a web service, custom code or an integration module for SAGE, SAP, Xero, QB, etc.
The solution runs as a Windows desktop application. If you need the solution to run as a service our Run As A Service plug-in will provide this feature.

What's In The Solution?

Automatic File Import - polls the folders and looks for new file
OCR - Optical Character Recognition - converts Image PDFs into readable Text PDFs
Automatic Document Recognition - determines the document type
+ Document Profile Selector - manages the various document types
Filenamer - files the PDF away in a folder
Data Exporter - creates a csv or xml file of the extracted data
Text PDF Import - required to support the processing of text based PDF files
+ PDF DataNet document indexing - provides quality control using manual indexing 


The licences for this product are supplied on an annual subscription basis which includes all future upgrades and priority support. The package is supplied with a document profile pack of 20 profiles ("templates") and additional templates can be added as required. For additional template pricing please contact us.

Please contact us for a demonstration of this solution

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  1. Joseph Horvath | Feb 21, 2017

    George Harrison is an asset to your company. He helped us set the software up the way we need it.

    Without his assistance we may not have even purchased the software as config was a bit tricky to someone who never used the software before. Great job George the help was truly appreciated!

  2. Joan Smedley | Jun 09, 2016
    Using this product means we can now process our invoices in 2 hours whereas it used to take more than 2 days.
  3. Darren, Exeter | Jun 02, 2016
    We have been waiting for a product like this at a price we could afford for quite a while. The user configuration options need a bit of work but apart from that great solution.
  4. stpadmin | May 26, 2016
    This product has saved us so much time

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