PDF DataNet Barcode Service

The ideal solution for processing documents running as a windows service

Automated SERVER BASED high speed processing of documents such as :

Invoices Delivery notes  Purchase orders  Medical records  Legal documents

produced by your network scanners or Multi Function Peripheral (MFP) devices

✔ NEW 15th May 2017Only recognise barcodes in certain positions (choice of 9) - More

The solution will process the files in a local or network folder, batch split and save the files using the barcodes on your documents to name the files without the need for manual intervention.

To monitor and process MULTIPLE folders please take a look at our "Datanet Barcode Service Pro" solution

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What's Included In This Solution?

This solution includes ScanToPDF Standard Edition and the following plugins
+ Automatic File Namer
+ Batch Separation
+ Barcode Recognition
+ Automatic File Import
+ Run as service feature key

Download, Installation & Configuration

Visit our downloads page for full & detailed instructions for download, installation and evaluation of this solution. Evaluation requires a temporary key.

Quick Start Guide

View our quick start guide to getting started with the PDF DataNet Barcode Service solution.

3 reviews

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  1. John Cate | Jun 07, 2017
    Software was very easy to get configured and is running great. We are processing customer communication scanned on a Kyocera  CS 7550ci
  2. Chris Henrich | Feb 20, 2017

    A far more economical option than other batch scanners out there.

    Our prior subscription was $1700/yr. The resources used by our server are also greatly reduced and accuracy/functionality is the same or better.

    We did have some errors with the barcodes not being picked up, but bumping up the font spacing and turning on error correcting has seemed to fix it.

  3. Katie Bland - Arrow County | Feb 17, 2017
    We were recommended this product by CodeStone who supply our SAP system. We are using it to scan delivery notes.

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