Run As Service Feature Key

Convert the ScanToPDF desktop software into a powerful server based solution.

This is an activation key (no download is required) that will enable ScanToPDF to be run as a windows service (on a suitable windows server) to create automated file processing services. This feature is not suitable for use with a scanner because there is no user interface. 

Adding this activation key and using the /SERVICE command line switch on installation enables ScanToPDF to be run as service.

To EVALUATE this software please request a key from OiC by completing the details on this form

Solutions containing the Run As Service Feature

PDF DataNet Barcode Service
PDF DataNet Barcode Service Pro

Download, Installation & Configuration

Visit the downloads page and download the software. Then run the installation program with a command line switch of /SERVICE , as shown below.

scantopdfsetup.exe /SERVICE

View our setup guide

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