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This product converts a batch of documents into individual PDF files that are then automatically attached to the relevant sage X3 object.

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Source documents can be either scanned images or electronic documents such as email attachments.

Through the use of barcode recognition, OCR or data extraction from PDF text files the process can be either fully automated or presented to an operator for user verification.

The attaching of the PDF to the correct X3 transaction is automated using a BPA (TaskCentre) or similar process.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Improves efficiency
  • Minimises data entry errors
  • Processes files from scanners or folders
  • Processes email attachments
  • Automatic document recognition with data collection
  • Generates csv and xml transaction audit files
  • Barcode recognition, OCR and data extraction from PDF text files
  • Documents become available for immediate viewing from within X3

Examples of the document types and transactions include: 

  • Accounts Payable or Supplier Invoices
  • POD or Proof of Delivery Documents
  • Customer Purchase Orders
  • Shipping Documentation

Contact OIC and mention Scan To X3 now to arrange an evaluation. You can evaluate the solution completely free of charge.


Our Scan To sage X3 product is typically installed on a concurrent licence basis and there are no limits or additional charges relating to volumes.

For End Users

If you are a Sage end user then we have a number of Sage partners that can assist you with the installation of this product. Or if you have your own in-house team then we can assist them with deployment.

For SAGE Partners

We offer a full reseller program that includes installation support and fully licenced demo versions of the products.

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