ScanToPDF Professional Edition

Designed for the larger and busier office, the professional edition is a key which activates the following modules

ScanToPDF Standard Edition
+ Automatic File Print - Print files as you scan, use your scanner as a photo-copier
+ Page Deskew - Deskew pages from the scanner
+ Page Stamper - Stamp received dates, or department names or confidential stamps
+ Text PDF Import - Import PDF documents sent by email without printing and re-scanning

The professional edition offers great value for money and features for the larger office who need to scan and import PDF documents and create great quality, professional PDF documents.

Importing Sample Settings

  • Start ScanToPDF
  • Click the Edit menu
  • Choose Options (TIP : Toolbar shortcut - click the Gear icon)
  • Click the Settings icon
  • Click the Samples tab
  • Select the STPDF075-scantopdf-professional-edition settings file
  • Click the Restore button
  • Restart ScanToPDF


Getting started with TWAIN - Click here
Page stamper settings - Click here
Automatic file print settings - Click here
Text PDF Import - Click here

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