ScanToPDF Exhibit

Remove forever a production headache -- Let the court reporting customized version of ScanToPDF handle your exhibit processing. Developed in conjunction with court reporting providers.

Have the whole exhibit scanning process completely contained in one solution created using our Exhibit plugin with just a few steps:

Features & Benefits

✔ Allows multiple exhibit naming schemes and creates a job-numbered folder for receiving the files to be scanned.
✔ Automatically identifies the next exhibit break via bar coded slip sheets or manual insertion of break points, and then stores those pages in a new auto-incremented filename.
✔ Allows a view for quality control where errors can be addressed (additional pages scanned in if needed or pages deleted)
✔ Automatically creates a ZIP file of all of the exhibits in addition to each individual exhibit file, stored in the same job-numbered folder or your specifically named location.
✔ No need for additional exhibit naming step as it's automatically handled.
✔ Includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with a simple on off toggle switch
 Includes the Page Stamper plugin so that Bates Stamps can be applied automatically to your documents

Special Pricing Details

Price includes 1st Year Support (Years 2+ $300)
✔ Second and subsequent licenses on one order (or one single physical site) have a 60% discount and have FREE upgrades and support
30-day money back offer -
After you purchase, we provide temporary keys for 30-days. At the end of the 30 days, if you want to go ahead we provide permanent keys. If you decide the solution is not for you, we refund you in full.


Click here to download or view a PDF overview of this solution. Please click here for detailed documentation for the Exhibit plugin


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