SharePoint Integration Layer - SP 2013 - 2016, Online, On-Premises


Our SharePoint Integration Layer sits outside of ScanToPDF and monitors an ouput folder looking for new documents to upload into your SharePoint account.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Improves efficiency
  • Minimises data entry errors
  • Option to delete or backup the local file after upload
  • Automatic updating of indexing (MetaData tags) fields
  • Automatic document recognition with data collection
  • Generates xml transaction audit files
  • OCR and data extractionmake the Sharepoint files fully searchable
  • Documents become available for immediate sharing and viewing from within SharePoint

ScanToPDF will extract data from the source documents and create an XML transfer file containing the MetaData tags to be used for indexing.

Now you can fully automate the selection of the Share Point server along with the document library and then instantly transfer the document with all the index fields that have been set up for the specific library.

Using the the PDF DataNet product the indexing information can be automatically extracted to fully automate the transfer a qualified document that others can easily find using the regular Share Point search routines. For scanned documents you can use the OCR module to make the content fully SharePoint searchable.

Click the play button below to view a demonstration - best viewed in full screen mode.
Click the play button above to view a demonstration - best viewed in full screen mode.

This product can also be used to transfer documents other than ScanToPDF originating files.  

Contact OIC and mention SharePoint Integration now to arrange an evaluation. You can evaluate the solution completely free of charge.

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