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Document Profile Selector

Configure document profiles and then select them easily and quickly

from a drop down list prior to scanning. Using the document profile selector it is possible to build solutions for scanning many different types of documents with different profiles for each.

Features And Benefits

The document profile selector makes it possible to have

 Different file naming and output folder configurations
 Differing Barcode recognition (including enable or disable barcode recognition)
 Different methods of indexing (manual, barcodes)
 Different methods of batch separation (fixed, barcode separator pages, blank separator pages)
 Different source folders for folder import (when used with Auto File Import plug-in)
Includes a 20 profile pack.

Visit our documentation centre for more details

Download, Installation & Configuration

Visit the downloads page and follow the instructions under the heading "Installing ScanToPDF Software" then follow the instructions for "Installing ScanToPDF Plugins".

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