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Kryptiq Basic Solution

"The Kryptiq Basic solution is the perfect entry level scanning solution for busy medical practices"

This solution enables scanning without any manual user intervention for naming files.

These files are saved to the Docutrak document indexing area.

Features & Benefits

 Quickly name files without any user intervention
 Ensure consistent file naming in the correct folder and with the correct file name format every time
 Use date and time functions or unique sequential numbers generated automatically

Download, Installation & Configuration

Step 1 - Download the ScanToPDF Setup Install from here
Step 2 - Download the STPDF800-Kryptiq Basic Settings files from here

Run the install program (downloaded in Step 1 above) to install ScanToPDF

Import the settings (downloaded in step 2 above) using the Edit>>Options>>Settings>>Import option of the ScanToPDF software - More information is available from here  in the article "Importing Settings"

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