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Kryptiq Batch Solution

"The Kryptiq Batch solution is the perfect batch scanning solution for busy medical practices"

Eliminate user intervention in your scanning process. Automatically name files and save them to the Docutrak document indexing area.

Scan in batches and make the most of scanner document feeders.
 Quickly name files without any user intervention
Ensure consistent file naming in the correct folder and with the correct file name format every time
Use date and time functions or unique sequential numbers generated automatically
Configure modes to match your scanning requirements
eparate batches using fixed page count, barcode separator page (provided) or blank pages

The sample settings illustrate how to scan in batches of

* 1 page per PDF
* 2 pages per PDF
* Variable pages per PDF (using the NEWDOC separator page provided)

Download, Installation & Configuration

Step 1 - Download the ScanToPDF Setup Install from here
Step 2 - Download the STPDF803-Kryptiq Batch Settings files from here

Run the install program (downloaded in Step 1 above) to install ScanToPDF

Import the settings (downloaded in step 2 above) using the Edit>>Options>>Settings>>Import option of the ScanToPDF software - More information is available from here  in the article "Importing Settings"

You can use the separator page below to place between your documents when scanning in the "variable pages" mode. We have also included a copy of it in the settings ZIP file below for you to download.

Separator page - Click here

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  1. Kathy Dusseault | Feb 18, 2017
    Excellent customer service for installation .  Haven't needed service since then.

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