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ScanToPDF 1 Click Edition

One of our great customers recently commented.....

"Scan to PDF has figured out that most of us only want to push 2 buttons , scan and save"

Well Gary we've just gone one better and reduced it to 1 button - Scan ! Thanks Gary for your inspiration !

The 1 click edition offers great value for money and features for the busier office who need to scan and save documents as quickly, accurately and easily as possible.

Features & Benefits

1 click scanning without user intervention
✔ Saves time and ensures consistent file naming
✔ Wide range of syntax available for maximum flexibility
✔ ScanToPDF 1 Click

Modules activated with the purchase of the 1 Click Edition

ScanToPDF Standard Edition + Automatic File Namer

Download, Installation & Configuration

Visit our downloads page for full & detailed instructions for download, installation and evaluation of this solution.

Quick Start Guide

View our quick start guide page to getting started with ScanToPDF 1 Click Edition

Example Syntax

The syntax below can be used in the Output file path setting of the automatic file namer.

An increment - the file name is a simple sequential series of numbers

- {IncrementCounter()}.pdf generates 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf, etc
- {IncrementCounter():000000}.pdf generates 000001.pdf, 000002.pdf, etc
- Invoice {IncrementCounter():000}.pdf generates Invoice 001.pdf, Invoice 002.pdf etc

A date / time stamp
- the file name is based on today's date the current time

- {Date():dd MMM yy}.pdf generates 06 NOV 15.pdf
- {Date():yyyyMMdd}.pdf generates 20151106
- {Date():yyyyMMddhhmmss}.pdf generates 20151106141720.pdf
- {Date():yyyyMMdd}\{IncrementCounter():0000}.pdf generates 20151106\0001.pdf

This syntax is then entered into the Output file path setting of the automatic file namer plugin

For example
C:\PDF Files\{Date():yyyyMMdd}\{IncrementCounter():0000}.pdf

Use the InputBox function to ask for user input, for example

C:\PDF Files\{InputBox("Invoice number","Accounts Department")}

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  1. stpadmin | Dec 05, 2017
    The documentation pages were useful and I'm using a HP OfficeJet 3830 to scan work documents.

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