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TWAIN Device Profiles

Many scanners do not have an easy way of configuring and "remembering" scan settings. The TWAIN Scanner Profile Selector handles the scanner settings. Create TWAIN profiles and quickly select them using a simple drop down list.  Typical settings for different document types.

 Colour or Black and White
 High or Low Resolution
 Different Page Sizes and orientations

Using the TWAIN Scanner Profile Selector makes scanner configuration easy, and allows a user to select a profile without having to re-configure the scanner for each of the required profiles.

It is also possible to control the TWAIN profile to use by adding the /devicesettings command line switch (see the Command Line Switches guide on the general documentation page for more details)

Download, Installation & Configuration

Visit the downloads page and follow the instructions under the heading "Installing ScanToPDF Software" then follow the instructions for "Installing ScanToPDF Plugins".

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