Solution Overviews

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We have used a range of our plugins to build solutions that suit all requirements.
✔ Faster and easier to evaluate and deploy
✔ Solutions already contain all the modules required for the solution.
✔ Pre-configured with sample settings.

Batch Scanning Solutions

take advantage of your scanners page feeder and scan multiple documents in one batch. These solutions will then split or separate the batch back into the original documents using a fixed page count, barcodes, OCR, blank or black pages. Learn more

File Processing Solutions

if your network scanner sends files to a folder or you have a legacy archive of image files then the file processing solutions can be configured to process the files in the folders. Learn more

OCR Solutions

If you want the processing to be based on the content of the scanned pages then check out the OCR solutions. Learn more

Plug-Ins Overview

If you want to do more than just Scan To PDF our Plug-Ins make it easy for you to choose and pay for just the functionality you need. With over 25 components you will be able to find the options you require from Auto Bookmarking, Document Indexing, File Naming, SMTP integration, Cloud Integration, Barcode Recognition, OCR..... and of course if there isn't a standard module you can use the .NET Dynacode Plug-in to run some custom code. Learn more

Just Scan To PDF

These are the core products of our portfolio. Just scan and create a PDF file. Learn more